“We test eyes differently! Vision can be broken into three areas”

Long-sighted (Hyperopia),

Short-sighted (myopia) and


  • Eye tracking
    • Do I have the appropriate eye movements necessary for reading? Are my eyes able to move smoothly across a line of words and then accurately flick back to the next line without losing my place
  • Eye teaming
    • Are my eyes able to work together?
  • Eye focussing
    • Am I able to change focus from near to far activities efficiently and accurately?

  • Visual motor integration
    • Am I able to draw or show you what I see? eg copying actions, hand-writing, shapes etc.
  • Visual auditory integration
    • Am I able to tell you what I see?
  • Visual Memory
    • Am I able to remember and understand what I see?
  • Laterality/ Directionality
    • Development of left/right awareness. Does “b” look different to “d”

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a treatment plan used to correct or improve specific dysfunctions of the vision system.

Steps of Vision Therapy

  1. Body work- gross motor (Hand-eye coordination)
  2. Recognizing that I have two eyes
  3. Getting both eyes to work equally
  4. Learning how to use the eyes together in a co-ordinated way
  5. Refining visual mechanics
  6. Finally commence and refine Visual Processing